Ultimate Training Munitions

Silent weapons craft training - point blank stand-off distance.
No BFA Required.

Weapons training & tactics - 18” safety stand-off distance.
No BFA Required.


Safe CQB force-on force training -
low velocity, accurate, & reliable -
Train anywhere!

Lethal short range training (SRT) -
solid aluminum projectile. Greatly reduced surface
danger zone.

UTM, Provider to the US Army and winner of the Army CCMCK contract, provides essential CQB training products to all military groups and installations.
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  Law Enforcement
UTM products help Law Enforcement prepare for real life situations with real life performance. read more »
  Professional Training Organizations
UTM products provide the necessary tools for professional trainers to prepare students with scripted realistic scenario training. Comprehensive Training Programs structured to your needs are available through UTM and their Partners.
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  Video Library
For UTM to make every effort to insure our customers have the best experience with our products we have produced various video presentations for product information as well as product support.
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The World’s Most Reliable and Complete System of TRAINING AMMUNITION and FAILSAFE CONVERSION KITS Specifically Designed for Military, Law Enforcement, and Professional Training Organizations

A Solution for Today's Training Paradigm

  • The UTM Training System provides a “one stop shop” of non-lethal
    and lethal ammunition, conversion kits, and personal protective equipment.
  • Train Anywhere - Achieve realistic and relevant training that is no longer real estate/ terrain, or location dependant.
  • UTM’s patented technology provides the most Accurate Force-on-Force
    non lethal and lethal short range ammunition in the world.
  • UTM’s “Safety by Design” technology allows for the safest weapons
    & ammunition training system.
  • UTM’s innovative design provides confidence building weapon
    and ammunition Reliability.
  • Simple Drop In weapon conversion kits; Convert YOUR weapon in seconds.

All UTM ammunition cycles the converted weapon with the realism of live cartridges.UTM products are specifically designed to make training as real as possible regardless of the level of training sophistication required by trainee, trainer or advanced weapons team.

The wide range of UTM Conversion Kits facilitates training with a large choice of weapons. UTM Conversion Kits Are available for Pistols, Rifles/Carbines, Submachine Guns, and Light Machine Guns.

UTM recognizes quality service is a matter of trust between our company and you, the customer.  UTM is committed to providing the very best customer service and support. UTM offers a professional Sales & Customer Service Team, highly skilled and knowledgeable engineering staff and complete control of product quality through total in-house manufacturing.

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