Ultimate Training Munitions

General FAQ

1 Q. Does the use of UTM Ammunition require “special magazines”?

A. No, However UTM does offer the UTM Blue Magazine for added reliability and safety.

UTM Blue Magazines

2 Q. When using UTM Ammunition should I lubricate the Bore of the weapon?

A. NO. The bore and chamber must be left “Basic School” clean and dry.

3 Q. What special tools if any are required to convert my firearm for the use of UTM ammunition?

A. Only a small number of UTM conversions require a special tool for the conversion process, in most cases these conversion tools are supplied as part of the conversion kit. Additional tools are available directly from UTM.

4 Q. What is the optimum effective range for training with UTM Man-Marker Rounds?

A. UTM 5.56mm MMR; Approximately 32 yards (approximately 30 meters) or closer. UTM 9mm MMR; Approximately 20 meters (approximately 22 yards) or closer.

5 Q. What if any modifications need to be made to the Firearm to allow for the use of a UTM conversion?

A. All UTM conversions are easily installed and removed by the user with no permanent modifications to the firearm.

6 Q. What is the accuracy of the UTM Man-Marker Rounds (MMR)?

A. 5.56mm MMR: 50mm (2ins) at 25m (27yds) 2 9mm MMR: 50mm (2 inches) at 10m (11yds)

7 Q. While engaging in Force on Force training with the UTM Man-Marker Round (MMR) what Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will I be required to use?

A. 1. A minimum of one layer of clothing (i.e. BDU/ACU).UTM strongly recommends two layers of loose fitting clothing be worn. 2. A UTM one size fits all Protective Facemask (P/N 69-0304) combined with UTM approved goggles. 3. UTM strongly recommends the use of gloves. NO EXPOSED SKIN!

Personal Protective Equiptment

8 Q. What is the accuracy of the UTM Man-Marker Rounds?

A. 5.56mm MMR: 1 inch at 11yds (25mm @ 10 meters) 9mm MMR: 2 inches at 11yds (50mm @ 10 meters)

9 Q. How easy is facility clean up after using UTM Man-Marker Rounds (MMR)?

A. The UTM waxed based marking compound can be easily removed from hard or painted suffices by wiping with a soft cloth. Projectiles can be simply swept up and disposed of in regular house hold garbage. Wash clothing in a warm wash with detergent to remove wax marks.

10 Q. Can a live round be fired in a UTM converted Weapon?

A. No. All UTM Pistol, Rifle and Machine Gun conversions prevent the discharging of a live ‘lethal’ round.

UTM Fail-Safe

11 Q. Can UTM Ammunition be reloaded?

A. No, UTM ammunition is not reloadable.

12 Q. Will UTM Ammunition cycle fully automatic weapons?

A. Yes, UTM Ammunition will fully cycle automatic weapons.

13 Q. Do I need a Blank Firing Attachment (BFA) when using UTM Silent or Battlefield Blanks?

A. No. A BFA is not required when using UTM Blank Ammunition. UTM Blank Ammunition will cycle the weapon at its normal rate of fire (cyclic rate).

14 Q. Who can purchase UTM Products?

A. UTM products are available to Military and Law Enforcement and Professional Training Facilities only.

15 Q. Does UTM offer Training for the use of their products?

A. Yes. Contact the Sales Office for further details.

Sales - Contact Us

16 Q. Will UTM products work in all weapons and all calibers?

A. No, UTM has a growing range of conversions for weapons in 9mm and 5.56mm calibers. The present range of conversions covers many of the firearms used in Law Enforcement and Military operations.

UTM Conversion Kits

17 Q. Is UTM on the GSA Schedule?

A. Yes UTM GSA Contract Number is: GS-07F-5749P.

18 Q. Do UTM products have NSN numbers?

A. Yes. UTM products have NSN’s

19 Q. Where can I purchase UTM products?

A. You can purchase directly from UTM:

Sales - Contact us

20 Q. When did UTM win the Close Combat Mission Capability Kit (CCMCK) contract for the US Army?

A. September 23, 2005.

21 Q. What is the optimum effective range for training with UTM Man-Marker Rounds?

A. UTM 5.56mm MMR; Approximately 32 yards (approximately 30 meters) or closer. UTM 9mm MMR; Approximately 27 yards (approximately 25 meters) or closer.

22 Q. What lubricant/cleaner does UTM recommend be used on UTM conversion kits and firearms.

A. UTM does not Require or endorse one lubricant over another but UTM does use BreakFree CLP during most of our testing protocols. You can use a suitable brand of lubricant/cleaner of which may be recommended by the manufacture of your firearm.

23 Q. What are the types of products that UTM offers to the Trainer?

A. Ammunition, Weapons conversions, Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment

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