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UTM is the proud winner of the United States Army’s Close Combat Mission Capability Kit (CCMCK) contract for use in training with the M16/M4 Assault Rifle and The M249 SAW Light Machine gun.

UTM’s patented training system is Safety Case approved and used by the United States Army, United States National Guard, and United States Air Force as well as other special units within the military.

UTM gives Military Trainers a safe, reliable, consistent, accurate, and predictable training System, enabling for a controlled training environment with maximum safety in training exercises.  UTM products provide a complete patented training system that can be used in all of the various levels of sophistication in training.

UTM’s training System converts your weapon giving unparalleled performance providing consistent, accurate, and predictable shot to shot velocities with the same cyclic rates as with live ammunition.

Now train anywhere, achieve realistic and relevant training that is no longer real estate/terrain, or location dependant.

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