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Professional Training Organizations

UTM products provide Professional Trainers a complete patented training system that safely allows the various levels of sophistication in your building blocks of safe weapons and tactics training.

The full complement of UTM products provide a safe, reliable, accurate, consistent patented Training System. UTM's innovative Training System opens the door for Professional Trainers to train at all levels of the required student proficiency, beginner to advanced expert.

UTM's innovative training systems allows the instructor to tailor training exercises for the skill levels of their students by letting the instructor choose from any of our suitable training products to meet the student's skill set. UTM products permit progressive introduction of essential training behaviors to meet training safety requirements.

UTM's full complement of training products are highly versatile and each can be used within the numerous levels in the building blocks of training, beginner to expert. Training to include, Classroom Safety Instruction, Marksmanship Training, Cover and Concealment Drills, Shooting on the Move, Transitional Drills, Force on Force, Control Tactics, the choreography of room entry and room clearing tactics. Your imagination is the only limit.

UTM's Training System converts real weapons, giving unparalleled performance providing consistent, accurate and predictable shot to shot velocities with the same cyclic rates as with live ammunition.

UTM's training systems are approved and used by the numerous Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies.

Phoenix Reality Based Training Solutions, LLC

Phoenix is a unique company, offering reality-based training solutions for law enforcement, military and private sector security at the local through international level. Phoenix specializes in instruction, program development, consulting, products, training facility design and construction.

Phoenix's professionals are all former military or law enforcement personnel who have specialized in reality-based training and its components. Phoenix's training staff can develop and implement a reality based training solution to satisfy any operational need. Phoenix instructional staff has scores of combined years of reality-based operational and training experience. Phoenix's professionals are all active and former law enforcement or military personnel who have specialized in reality-based training and its components.

Phoenix is unique because its core foundation for training is reality-based static, dynamic and interactive training philosophies. Phoenix does not rely on the traditional "technique" teaching approach. Our personnel focus on the "conceptual" method, which recognizes that successful training incorporates a variety of methods. Whether the training is basic or specialized, Phoenix is capable of meeting your needs.

  • Phoenix is fully capable of providing optimal levels of training for military, federal, state, local and private sector security personnel.
  • Phoenix's trainers are recognized throughout the training community for their superior training experience and performance.
  • Phoenix has sought to assemble the best team of trainers in the training industry, and believes that it has achieved its goal.
  • Phoenix's staff is fully committed to your training needs and looks forward to assisting you.


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