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UTM Safety By Design

Live Round Fail-Safe

All 5.56mm UTM Conversions have a Live Round Fail-Safe feature. The integrated UTM Fail-Safe makes certain a “live” round cannot be fired in a UTM converted weapon.

  • Learn abut Fail-Safe - Assault Rifles & Light Machine Guns - 5.56mm
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Consistent Velocities / Finite Energy

Unlike conventional training ammunition the UTM patented system does not require any propellant other than the two primers. UTM cartridges use only the energy provided by the front primer to propel the projectile for a safe low, controlled velocity (400fps), providing consistent safe impact energies. The isolated and contained rear primer expands the UTM cartridge, which functions the UTM blowback system. This realistically and reliably cycles the converted weapon, ensuring that weapon to weapon differences have no effect on velocities. One source of energy responsible for the function of the weapon and one source of energy responsible for propelling the projectile.

  • Consistent safe shot to shot muzzle velocities (Average of 400fps) are essential for safe, Force on Force Scripted Scenario Training.
  • UTM Man-Marker Rounds (MMR) have an average muzzle energy of 3ft/lbs.
  • UTM's “live” Target Bullet Rounds (TBR) (lethal) have a average muzzle energy of 10ft/lbs.

UTM Blank Cartridge Advantage.

The UTM Battlefield Blanks use primers only, and require no Blank Firing Attachment (BFA). By using one primer to cycle the weapon and a separate primer to produce the noise making up to 155 db. Silent Blanks use only a rear primer (no front primer) and the only noise made is from the weapon cycling.

  • Silent Blanks have a 1” (25mm) standoff distance from the muzzle.
  • Battlefield Blanks have an 18” (.5m) standoff distance from the muzzle.
  • Approved eye protection is required with all UTM ammunition!
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