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The UTM Silent Blank (SBR) represents the first technology specifically designed, engineered, and expertly manufactured for any level of sophistication required in the development of Weapons and Tactics Training.


UTM Silent Blanks Enable:

  • You to train anywhere, no longer real estate / terrain, or location dependant.
  • Safe, realistic weapons craft training.
  • Confidence building reliability.
  • Training with minimal Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • You to use your weapon without a Blank Firing Attachment (BFA).
  • A one inch stand-off distance from the muzzle.

 UTM Silent Blanks Provide:

  • Realistic cyclic rates in semi-automatic and automatic weapons which match that of “live” fire.
  • No noise and no emissions, does not discharge any gas or residue from the muzzle.
  • Simple clean up, UTM Blanks do not have to be handled as hazardous waste.


UTM’s Silent Blank Single primer technology is the first and only Training Cartridge System to contain the energy within the cartridge. The Single Primer System contains the large operational energy needed to cycle the weapon without the discharge of gases or emissions from the cartridge.

  • The UTM patented system does not require any propellant other than the single rear primer.
  • The rear primer in the expanding cartridge used with the UTM conversion creates a blowback system to realistically and reliably cycle the weapon.
  • The isolated and contained rear primer expands the SBR cartridge, which functions the UTM blowback system. This realistically and reliably cycles the converted weapon without the use of a BFA.
  • The UTM simple weapon conversion kit design prevents “live” rounds from being fired while the weapon is converted to UTM.
  • While training with UTM Silent Blanks Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can be reduced to eye protection and a single layer of clothing.


Always read the UTM “Recommended Guidelines For Use” before engaging in Force-on-Force Training

For a complete list of UTM Ammunition Technical Data Sheets & Recommended Guidelines for use

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