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UTM’s Target Bullet Round (TBR) has been specifically designed, engineered and expertly manufactured for Reduced Hazard Target Training.


UTM's TBR Enables:

  • Training in new areas, with a significantly reduced temporary Surface Danger Zones (SDZ).
  • Lethal “live” Fire Training that is far less dependent on real estate/terrain or location.
  • The use of ranges/ buildings with greatly reduced infrastructure and facility damage.
  • Reliable and accurate short range Lethal CQB Target Training

 UTM's TBR Provides:

  • An alternative to “live” ammunition (SRTA, Frangible, Ball) for CQB Target Based Training.
  • Realistic cyclic rates in semi-automatic and automatic weapons which match that of “live” fire.
  • Minimal environmental impact.
  • Simple clean up, UTM TBR’s do not have to be handled as hazardous waste.

UTM’s Two Primer Cartridge System is the first to isolate the large amount of operational energy needed to cycle the weapon from the lesser energy required for propelling the lethal UTM TBR projectile,  which is designed primarily for CQB Target Training. The result? Reduced facility damage.

  • The UTM patented Training Ammunition System does not require any propellant other than the two primers.
  • UTM's Target Bullet Rounds use only the energy provided by the front primer to propel the TBR projectile at a reduced lethal velocity. Consistent velocities provide greater accuracy.
  • The isolated and contained rear primer expands the TBR cartridge, which functions the UTM blowback system. This realistically and reliably cycles the converted weapon.
  • 7.2 grain solid aluminum bullet.
  • UTM’s simple weapon conversion kit prevents “live” rounds from being fired while the weapon is converted to UTM.


9mm Target Bullet Round (TBR)

  • Typical Accuracy:  50mm group at 10m, dependant on the weapon variant.
  • Average Muzzle Energy: Less than 3ft/lbs.

5.56mm Target Bullet Round (TBR)

  • Typical accuracy:  150mm group at 55m, dependant on the weapon variant.
  • Average Muzzle Energy: Less than 10 ft/lbs.
  • UTM 5.56mm TBR cartridges can only be fired with a TBR Weapon Conversion Kit.

Always read the UTM “Recommended Guidelines For Use” before engaging in Force-on-Force Training

For a complete list of UTM Ammunition Technical Data Sheets & Recommended Guidelines
for use follow the link below.

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